Amazing day all around and a recipe for chicken…

So a few weeks ago as I started my workout Monday, I noticed on the board, one of my favorite exercises.  The dead lift.  Most women cringe at lifting, I live for it.  I get so much energy and power from it, that it lasts for days on end.  So two weeks ago I stopped at 130 lbs.  My trainer noted that I could go MUCH heavier.  So today we revisited the dead lift for the first part of the workout and I reached a personal best of 195 lbs.  Love it!!!


Then it was off to a local farm for veggie shopping.  I picked up scallions, a lemon cucumber, normal cucumbers, tomatoes, fennel, plums, bananas and fresh jalapenos.  

Then it was down to Providence to pick up my daughter and a great short visit with my sister and my newborn niece.  My sister commented on how good I looked and we both smiled and I went into detail about my morning at the gym. 

So now to dinner..I made a great salad with spinach, red cabbage, red pepper, fennel, red onion, avocado, tomatoes and chicken.


For the chicken I used a covered skillet and one chicken breast, sea salt to taste, pepper, ginger, one diced jalapeno and the juice from one quarter of a lime. Turn it to medium heat, cover and flip after 10 minutes to finish cooking for an additional 5-10 minutes.  Cut up and serve on the salad.  I always use a vinaigrette dressing with my salads, and this was just so good.  



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